Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)

Category: Characterization


The characterization section was set to help with characterizing microstructural features from digital images. The examples use a variety of codes to process images, ranging from GUI-based codes such as ImageJ to more hands-on scripts in MATLAB using the Image Processing Toolbox. This particular site contains production and research codes that have been developed both at CAVS and outside for segmenting microstructural features and analyzing the corresponding binary images.

Software for Plotting Data

This section includes links to common data plotting packages. A more comprehensive list of free software is available. The examples include:

Example Programs for Microstructural Characterization

This section includes links to some of the codes used for microstructural characterization.


Here are a few tutorials to get started using some materials characterization software.

Microstructural Characterization Research

Equipment used for materials Characterization

Image Segmentation

Multiscale Characterization Techniques

Synthetic Microstructure Generation

Animiating images in ImageJ

Data Analysis Tools

This section includes codes to automate common data analysis tasks.

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