David Saucier 
Research Engineer

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CAVS 2160-F

(985) 774-4671

200 Research Blvd
Starkville, MS 39759
David Saucier is a Research Engineer for the Human Factors and Athlete Engineering Department at the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems. He received his M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Mississippi State University. He has assisted with planning, design, implementation, and data analysis for multiple studies validating stretch sensor technology as a means for collecting motion data in comparison to gold standard technology. He is also the lab lead for the Human Performance Lab and assists students and other researchers with training on the motion capture system as well as study design.
Research Interest
Wearable technology, stretch sensors, signal processing, human factors, human performance, data analysis, data visualization
Drumming, disc golf, rock climbing, competitive Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
Selected PublicationsTotal Publications:  8 
Saucier, D., Davarzani, S., Burch V, R. F., Chander, H., Strawderman, L., Freeman, C., Ogden, L., Petway, A., Duvall, A., Crane, C., & Piroli, A. (2021). External Load and Muscle Activation Monitoring of NCAA Division I Basketball Team Using Smart Compression Shorts. Sensors. MDPI. 21(16), 5348. DOI:10.3390/s21165348. [Abstract] [Document]

Talegaonkar, P., Saucier, D., Carroll, W., Peranich, P. L., Parker, E., Middleton, C., Davarzani, S., Turner, A., Persons, A. K., Casey, L., Burch V, R. F., Ball, J. E., Chander, H., Knight, A., Luczak, T., Smith, B. K., & Prabhu, R. (2020). Closing the Wearable Gap-Part VII: A Retrospective of Stretch Sensor Tool Kit Development for Benchmark Testing. Electronics. MDPI. 9(9), 1457. DOI:10.3390/electronics9091457. [Abstract]

Saucier, D., Davarzani, S., Turner, A., Luczak, T., Nguyen, P., Carroll, W., Burch V, R. F., Ball, J. E., Smith, B. K., Chander, H., Knight, A., & Prabhu, R. (2019). Closing the Wearable Gap-Part IV: 3D Motion Capture Cameras Versus Soft Robotic Sensors Comparison of Gait Movement Assessment. Electronics. MDPI. 8(12), 1382. DOI:10.3390/electronics8121382. [Abstract] [Document]

Saucier, D., Luczak, T., Nguyen, P., Davarzani, S., Peranich, P. L., Ball, J. E., Burch V, R. F., Smith, B. K., Chander, H., Knight, A., & Prabhu, R. (2019). Closing the Wearable Gap-Part II: Sensor Orientation and Placement for Foot and Ankle Joint Kinematic Measurements. Sensors. MDPI. 19(16), 3509. DOI:10.3390/s19163509. [Abstract] [Document]

Luczak, T., Saucier, D., Burch V, R. F., Ball, J. E., Chander, H., Knight, A., Wei, P., & Iftekhar, T. (2018). Closing the Wearable Gap: Mobile Systems for Kinematic Signal Monitoring of the Foot and Ankle. Electronics. MDPI. 7(7), 117. DOI:10.3390/electronics7070117. [Abstract] [Document]