Isaac L. Howard, PhD, PE
Isaac L. Howard, PhD, PE

Office: Walker 235

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Bazne, M. O. A., Howard, I. L., & Vahedifard, F. (2017). Stabilized Very High-Moisture Dredged Soil: Relative Behavior of Portland-Limestone Cement and Ordinary Portland Cement. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. 29(9), 04017110. DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0001970.

Rushing, T. W., & Howard, I. L. (2017). Analysis of AM2 Airfield Matting Performance Under Six-Wheel Boeing C-17 Gear Loading. Journal of Testing and Evaluation. 45(6), 2243-2258. DOI:10.1520/JTE20160255.

Howard, I. L., & Bilberry, A. C. (2017). Stabilizing Very High Moisture Content Fine Grained Soils with Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cements. Advances in Civil Engineering Materials. 6(1), 412-428. DOI:10.1520/ACEM20160066.

Howard, I. L. (2017). Soil-Cement Design and Construction Protocols for Mixed-in-Place Highway Projects. American Concrete Institute (ACI) Convention and Exposition. Anaheim, CA.

Smith, B. T., Moore, R. A., & Howard, I. L. (2017). Density Observations from a Full-Scale, Untrafficked Test Section with Guidance for Dryback Methods. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. 2630, 134-146. DOI:10.3141/2630-17.