Isaac L. Howard, PhD, PE, F.ASCE 
Isaac L.
Howard, PhD, PE, F.ASCE

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Walker 235

(662) 325-7193

501 Hardy Road - Mail Stop 9546
Mississippi State, MS, 39762
Isaac L. Howard is the Materials & Construction Industries Endowed Chair in the Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) department who also works with the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS).
Research Interest
Construction materials and infrastructure are primary interests, where characterization, rehabilitation, recycling, or interfacing materials/design with construction are focus areas. Airfield and highway flexible pavements are of particular interest. Materials background includes: aggregates, aluminum, asphalt, emulsions, chemically stabilized soil, concrete, fiber reinforced polymer composites, geosynthetics, wood.
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Selected PublicationsTotal Publications:  223 
Mason, G. L., Priddy, J., Vahedifard, F., & Howard, I. L. (2019). A Digital Database Records for Off-Road Vehicle Environments (DROVE). WG31 Operational Environments at the 87th Symposium at the United States Air Force Academy. Colorada Springs, CO: Military Operations Research Symposium. [Document Site]

Rushing, T. W., & Howard, I. L. (2017). Analysis of AM2 Airfield Matting Performance Under Six-Wheel Boeing C-17 Gear Loading. Journal of Testing and Evaluation. 45(6), 2243-2258. DOI:10.1520/JTE20160255.

Howard, I. L., & Bilberry, A. C. (2017). Stabilizing Very High Moisture Content Fine Grained Soils with Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cements. Advances in Civil Engineering Materials. 6(1), 412-428. DOI:10.1520/ACEM20160066.

Bazne, M. O. A., Howard, I. L., & Vahedifard, F. (2017). Stabilized Very High-Moisture Dredged Soil: Relative Behavior of Portland-Limestone Cement and Ordinary Portland Cement. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. 29(9), 04017110. DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0001970.

Howard, I. L. (2017). Soil-Cement Design and Construction Protocols for Mixed-in-Place Highway Projects. American Concrete Institute (ACI) Convention and Exposition. Anaheim, CA.