Adrian Sescu 

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HPC 231

(662) 325-7484

Alt. Phone
(662) 325-0847

2 Research Blvd
Starkville, Mississippi 39759
Research Interest
Stability and Transition in Boundary Layers
Computational Aeroacoustics
Turbulence in Fluids, Large Eddy Simulations
Selected PublicationsTotal Publications:  143 
Afsar, M. Z., Sescu, A., & Minisci, E. (2019). Modeling Supersonic Heated Jet Noise at Fixed Jet Mach Number Using an Asymptotic Approach for the Acoustic Analogy Green's Function and an Optimized Turbulence Model. AIAA Paper 2019-2731, Proceedings of AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference. Lyon, France.

Haywood, J. S., & Sescu, A. (2019). A Control Forced Concurrent Precursor Method for LES Inflow. Flow, Turbulence and Combustion. 102, 849–864.

Sescu, A., Alaziz, R., & Afsar, M. Z. (2019). Effect of Wall Transpiration and Heat Transfer on Nonlinear Gortler Vortices in High-speed Boundary Layers. AIAA Journal. 57, 1159-1171.

Cicernis, T., Sescu, A., & Rush, S. (2019). Analysis of the Aerodynamics of Southern Flying Squirrels. MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium. Mississippi State University, MS.

Lang, L., & Sescu, A. (2019). Acoustic Validation of a Martian Atmosphere Rotor. MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium. Mississippi State University, MS.