Power Electronics Lab

An extensive electronic laboratory is available at CAVS for assembling electrical components and diagnosing/evaluating electrical hardware. Our team uses advanced power electronic devices and designs to increase power density in both industrial and military applications.

angie card vehicle
power electronics

Power Supplies

900 V 600 A (AV900) power supply by AeroVironment
  • Ideal for charging large vehicle battery packs
  • Operates as a source for higher power level inverter tests
  • Sinks power and acts as a battery emulator
600 V 25 A, 15 kW power supply by Sorensen
  • High power density unit for product development and research
  • Wide voltage range
375 V 40 A power supply by Sorensen
  • High power density unit for product development and research
Other numerous bench top power supplies

Power Analyzers

3 phase power quality meter(PZ4000) by Yokogawa
  • Wide measurement bandwith, dc up to 2 MHz
  • Uses high speed sampling
  • Harmonic analysis and fft functions for power spectrum analysis
3 phase power meter (WT1600) by Yokogawa
  • 6 different power measurements
  • Wide current input ranges
Power quality analyzer (Fluke 43B)
  • Hand held power quality analyzer
  • Captures voltage, current, frequency, power harmonics, sags, transients, and inrush

Oscilloscopes and Probes

4 channel, 2.5 GHz BW oscilloscope by Tektronix
4 channel, 500 MHz BW oscilloscope by Tektronix
High voltage differential probes 1.3 kV by Tektronix
Current probes and amplifiers, 150-500 A by Tektronix
Current transformers by Pearson
Portable oscilloscope by Fluke

Packaging Characterization & EMI

Precision Magnetics Analyzer by Wayne Kerr
  • Determine inductance/impedance against frequency, AC drive level, or dc bias current
Printed circuit board(pcb) by Quick Circuit
  • Produce circuit board prototypes within hours
Thermal camera by Flir
  • Quickly identify "hot spots" in electrical equipment/ circuits

Miscellaneous Lab Equipment

Bench top digital multimeters
Rework Station
Laboratory PC's
Running stock of common circuit components and hardware for prototyping
3D Printer (Ultimaker S3)
  • 230 x 190 x 200 mm build volume
  • Dual extrusion, incorporating multi-color or multi-material prints
  • Prints at a variety of layer widths and heights
  • Open filament system, compatible with glass and carbon fiber composites