Engine Lab

CAVS has invested in research areas of testing and developing engines, specifically in areas of emission reduction. Equipment capabilities include various types of engines, dynamometers, and emission analysis technology.


Caterpillar SCOTE (Single Cylinder Oil Test Engine
Engine Tech SCRE (Single Cylinder Research Engine)
  • Doosan DV11 cylinder geometry
  • Compression or Spark Ignition
  • Metal or Optical Configurations
Subaru C45 Boxer Engine
  • Spark Ignited
  • Direct and Port Fuel Injection
Subaru EE20 Boxer Diesel Engine
  • Euro Spec
Volkswagen 1.9L TDI Diesel Engine
  • Mechanical & common rail injection systems
Yanmar 4TNV-84T Diesel Engine
  • Mechanical Injection
11L, 6-cylinder Heavy-Duty On-Road Diesel Engine


Hofmann 4x4 Chassis Dynamometer
  • 48" rollers
  • 20,000 lb max vehicle weight
  • 600hp max power absorption (intermittent)
Froude Eddy Current Dynamometers
  • 500kW
  • 250kW
  • 80kW
Dyne Systems AC Dynamometer
  • 250hp
  • Transient capable

Emissions Analysis

Altech Environment EGAS 2M 5 gas analyzer
AVL Smoke Meter
Hiden Mass Spectrometer
Horiba MEXA 9400 dual stream emissions bench
TSI EEPS (Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer)
TSI SMPS (Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer)

Other Equipment

National Instruments Data Acquisiition Hardware
Sonic and Venturi Flowmeters for Mass Air Flow
Coriolis and Displacement Flowmeters for Mass Fuel Flow
Combustion Measurement Equipment
  • AVL Indismart
  • Kistler Piezoelectric Pressure Transducers
  • Encoders
  • Instruments Fuel Injectors