Publication Abstract

Rapid Commercialization of MRAP Vehicles - A Case Study

Dennis, G., Simmons, L., & Walden, C. (2010). Rapid Commercialization of MRAP Vehicles - A Case Study. Mississippi Engineering Society Conference. Hilton Hotel, Jackson, Mississippi.


Mississippi State University’s CAVS Extension has recently completed a series of successful armored vehicle projects at Navistar Defense’s plant in West Point, MS. These projects involved the application of technologies and engineering methodologies that resulted in an unprecedented rapid commercialization of the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles into a war zone. The MRAP vehicle according to the Department of Defense has played a significant role in successfully protecting the war fighter in Iraq. The CAVS Extension team supported the commercialization efforts through leading the transformation of a 50 year old abandoned manufacturing facility into a world class military vehicle assembly plant. This engineering challenge involved planning the production flow, developing simulation models, designing the plant layout, and implementing the production system As a result, the plant achieved full scale production rate (500 vehicle per month) within 9 months of initial vehicle prototype. The West Point plant was the lead producer of the nation’s MRAP vehicles, accounting for almost 60% of all vehicles produced, during a period in which the MRAP was the highest DOD acquisition priority.