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Book Chapter
Harvel, N., Carruth, D. W., & Baca, J. A. (2019). Prototyping User Interfaces for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications. HCI International 2019 - Posters. Communications in Computer and Information Science. Springer, Cham. 1033. DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-23528-4_52. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Peer-Reviewed Journals
Peters, J. F., Jelinek, B., Goodman, C. C., Vahedifard, F., & Mason, G. L. (2019). Large Scale Discrete Element Modeling for Engineering Analysis: A Case Study for the Mobility Cone Penetrometer. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. ASCE. 145(12), 04019111-1-16. DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)GT.1943-5606.0002174. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Shahrokhabadi, S., Cao, T. D., & Vahedifard, F. (2019). Thermal Effects on Hydro-Mechanical Response of Seabed Supporting Hydrocarbon Pipelines. International Journal of Geomechanics. 20(1), 04019143. [Abstract]

Wang, R., Nellippallil, A. B., Guoxin, W., Yan, Y., Allen, J. K., & Mistree, F. (2019). Ontology-based Uncertainty Management Approach in Designing of Robust Decision Workflows. Journal of Engineering Design. Sept 21, 1-32.

Vahedifard, F., Cao, T. D., Ghazanfari, E., & Thota, S. K. (2019). Closed-Form Models for Nonisothermal Effective Stress of Unsaturated Soils. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. 145(9), 1-14. DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)GT.1943-5606.0002094. [Abstract]

Liu, Y. (2019). Constitutive Modeling of Viscoelastic-viscoelastic Behavior of Short Fiber Reinforced Polymers Coupled with Anisotropic Damage and Moisture Effect. Acta Mechanica Sinica. 35(3), 495-506.

Seifi, S. H., Tian, W., Doude, H., Tschopp, M. A., & Bian, L. (2019). Layer-Wise Modeling and Anomaly Detection for Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. ASME. 141(8), 12. [Document Site]

Sharma, S., Ball, J. E., Tang, B., Carruth, D. W., Doude, M., & Islam, M. (2019). Semantic Segmentation with Transfer Learning for Off-Road Autonomous Driving. Sensors. MDPI. 19(11), 2577. DOI:10.3390/s19112577. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Bakhtiarydavijani, A., Murphy, M. A., Mun, S., Jones, M. D., Bammann, D., LaPlaca, M. C., Horstemeyer, M., & Prabhu, R. (2019). Damage Biomechanics for Neuronal Membrane Mechanoporation. Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering. 27, 065004. DOI:10.1088/1361-651X/ab1efe. [Abstract]

Liu, Y., & Chen, L. (2019). Investigation on Micro Segregation of IN718 Alloy during Additive Manufacturing via Integrated Phase-field and Finite Element Modeling. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance. 28(2), 657-665.

Li, X., Tang, B., Ball, J. E., Doude, M., & Carruth, D. W. (2019). Rollover-Free Path Planning for Off-Road Autonomous Driving. Electronics. MDPI. 8(6), 614. DOI:10.3390/electronics8060614. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Prabhu, R., Begonia, M., Whittington, W. R., Murphy, M. A., Mao, Y., Liao, J., Williams, L. N., Horstemeyer, M., & Sheng, J. (2019). Compressive Mechanical Properties of Porcine Brain: Experimentation and Modeling of the Tissue Hydration Effects. Bioengineering. 6(2), 40. DOI:10.3390/bioengineering6020040. [Abstract]

Liu, Y. (2019). On the Thermo-mechanical Coupling of Bammann Plasticity-damage Internal State Variable Model. Acta Mechanica. 230(5), 1855-1868.

Liu, Y., & Bammann, D. (2019). A Multiphase Internal State Variable Model with Rate Equations for Predicting Elastothermoviscoplasticity and Damage of Fiber-reinforced Polymer Composites. Acta Mechanica. 230(5), 1745-1780.

Bhushan, S., Yoon, H., Stern, F., Guilmineau, E., Visonneau, M., Toxopeus, S., Simonsen, C., Aram, S., Kim, S., & Grigoropoulos, G. (2019). Assessment of Computational Fluid Dynamic for Surface Combatant 5415 at Straight Ahead and Static Drift. Journal of Fluids Engineering. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 141(5), 051101.

Bowman, A., Mun, S., Nouranian, S., Huddleston, B. D., Gwaltney, S. R., Baskes, M. I., & Horstemeyer, M. (2019). Free Volume and Internal Structural Evolution during Creep in Model Amorphous Polyethylene by Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Polymer. Elsevier. 170, 85-100. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Chander, H., Knight, A. C., & Carruth, D. W. (2019). Does Minimalist Footwear Design Aid in Postural Stability and Fall Prevention in Ergonomics? Ergonomics in Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors Applications. SAGE. 1. DOI:10.1177/1064804619843384. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Chua, B. L., Lee, H. J., Ahn, D. G., & Wang, Y. (2019). A Study on Activation Algorithm of Finite Elements for Three-Dimensional Transient Heat Transfer Analysis of Directed Energy Deposition Process. Int. J. of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing. 20(5), 863-869. DOI:10.1007/s12541-019-00118-9. [Document Site]

Peruzzo, C., Cao, T. D., Milanese, E., Favia, P., Pesavento, F., Hussain, F., & Schrefler, B. A. (2019). Dynamics of Fracturing Saturated Porous Media and Self-organization of Rupture. European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids. 74, 471-484. DOI:10.1016/j.euromechsol.2018.12.004.

Kluss, J. V., Rostaghi, M., Whittington, W. R., Rhee, H., Whittington, S. P., & Yadollahi, A. (2019). Porcelain Insulation - Defining the Underlying Mechanism of Failure. High Voltage. 4(2), 81-88.

Liu, Y. (2019). Investigation on the Backlash of Roller Enveloping Hourglass Worm Gear: Theoretical Analysis and Experiment. ASME Journal of Mechanical Design. 141(5), 053302.

Haywood, J. S., & Sescu, A. (2019). A Control Forced Concurrent Precursor Method for LES Inflow. Flow, Turbulence and Combustion. 102, 849–864.

Mohammad, M., Wodajo, E., Choi, S., & Elbuluk, M. (2019). Modeling and Design of Passive Shield to Limit EMF Emission and to Minimize Shield Loss in Unipolar Wireless Charging System for EV. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. 34, 12235-12245. [Document Site]

Cisko, A. R., Jordon, J. B., Avery, D. Z., Liu, T., Brewer, L. N., Allison, P. G., Carino, R.L., Hammi, Y., Rushing, T. W., & Garcia, L. (2019). Experiments and Modeling of Fatigue Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Lithium Alloy. Metals. MDPI. 9(3), 293. DOI:10.3390/met9030293. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Liu, Y., Iacomini, D. W., Powell, B., Gafford, J., Ball, J. E., & Shi, J. (2019). Development, Testing, and Assessment of a Kinematic Path-following Model for Towing Vehicle Systems. SAE International Journal of Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, and NVH. Society of Automotive Engineers. 3(1), 1-14.

Shahrokhabadi, S., Cao, T. D., & Vahedifard, F. (2019). Isogeometric Analysis through Bézier Extraction for Thermo-hydro-mechanical Modeling of Saturated Porous Media. Computers and Geotechnics. 107, 176-188. DOI:10.1016/j.compgeo.2018.11.012.

Nellippallil, A. B., Ming, Z., Allen, J. K., & Mistree, F. (2019). Cloud-Based Materials and Products Realization - Fostering ICME via Industry 4.0. Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation. -, -. DOI:10.1007/s40192-019-00139-2.

Lee, J., & Bhatia, M. (2019). Impact of Corrugations on Bifurcation and Thermoelastic Responses of Hat-Stiffened Panels. Journal of Thin-Walled Structures. Elsevier. 140, 209-221.

Alizadeh, R., Lianqyue, J., Nellippallil, A. B., Wang, G., Hao, J., Allen, J. K., & Mistree, F. (2019). Ensemble of Surrogates and Cross-Validation for Rapid and Accurate Predictions Using Small Data Sets. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing. -, 1-18. DOI:10.1017/S089006041900026X.

Sescu, A., Alaziz, R., & Afsar, M. Z. (2019). Effect of Wall Transpiration and Heat Transfer on Nonlinear Gortler Vortices in High-speed Boundary Layers. AIAA Journal. 57, 1159-1171.

Goodin, C., Carruth, D. W., Doude, M., & Hudson, C. R. (2019). Predicting the Influence of Rain on LIDAR in ADAS. Electronics. MDPI. 8(1), 89. DOI:10.3390/electronics8010089. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Bhatia, M., & Makhija, D. (2019). Sensitivity Analysis of Time-Averaged Quantities of Chaotic Systems. AIAA Journal. AIAA. 57(5), 2088-2099.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Abstracts
Jelinek, B., Mason, G. L., Johnson, D., Carrillo, A., Goodman, C. C., Priddy, J., & Vahedifard, F. (2019). Large-scale DEM-LBM Modeling towards Off-road Mobility. HPCMP User Group Meeting. Vicksburg, MS. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Goodin, C., Sharma, S., Doude, M., Carruth, D. W., Dabbiru, L., & Hudson, C. R. (2019). Training of Neural Networks with Automated Labeling of Simulated Sensor Data. SAE Technical Paper 2019-01-0120. Detroit, MI. DOI:10.4271/2019-01-0120. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers
Peters, J. F., Vahedifard, F., Jelinek, B., Mason, G. L., & Priddy, J. D. (2019). The Discrete Element Method for Vehicle-Terrain Analysis. ISTVS-2019. PRAGUE: ISTVS. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Hudson, C. R., Lucius, R., Gray, R., Powell, B., Doude, M., & Carruth, D. W. (2019). Using Simulation to Accelerate Development of User Interfaces for Autonomous Vehicles. Human Computer Interaction International 2019. Orlando, FL. [Document]

Jelinek, B., Young, W. J., II, Dantin, M., Furr, W., Doude, H., & Priddy, M. W. (2019). Two-dimensional Thermal Finite Element Model of Directed Energy Deposition. FEniCS'19. Washington D.C.. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Afsar, M. Z., Sescu, A., & Minisci, E. (2019). Modeling Supersonic Heated Jet Noise at Fixed Jet Mach Number Using an Asymptotic Approach for the Acoustic Analogy Green's Function and an Optimized Turbulence Model. AIAA Paper 2019-2731, Proceedings of AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference. Lyon, France.

Bhushan, S., Burgreen, GW, Collins, E. M., & Gonzalez, M. (2019). Turbulence Modeling via Machine Learned Physics. ERDC UGM. HPCMP User Group Meeting, ERDC, Vicksburg, MS, May 2019.

Meadows, W. S., Hudson, C. R., Goodin, C., Dabbiru, L., Powell, B., Doude, M., Carruth, D. W., Islam, M., Ball, J. E., & Tang, B. (2019). Multi-LiDAR Placement, Calibration, Co-registration, and Processing on a Subaru Forester for Off-road Autonomous Vehicles Operations. Proceedings Volume 11009, Autonomous Systems: Sensors, Processing, and Security for Vehicles and Infrastructure 2019. Baltimore, MD. DOI:10.1117/12.2518915. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Liu, Y. (2019). A Computational Study of Crystal Orientation Effects on High Strain Rate Performance of Single Crystal Copper. Proceedings of SAE 2019 World Congress Experience. Detroit, MI.

Liu, Y. (2019). Design and Assessment of An Antibacklash Single Roller Enveloping Hourglass Worm Gear. Proceedings of SAE 2019 World Congress Experience. Detroit, MI.

Fonville, T. R., Nellippallil, A. B., Horstemeyer, M., Allen, J. K., & Mistree, F. (2019). A Goal-Oriented, Inverse Decision-Based Design Method for an American Football Helmet. Proceedings of the ASME 2019 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference IDETC/CIE2019. Anaheim, CA: ASME.

Liu, Y. (2019). Theoretical Modeling of the Mechanical Degradation of Polymer Composites Due to Moisture/Water Absorption and Damage Progression. SAE 2019 AeroTech Americas. Charleston, SC.

Nellippallil, A. B., Mohan, P., Allen, J. K., & Mistree, F. (2019). Inverse Thermo-Mechanical Processing (ITMP) Design of a Steel Rod During Hot Rolling Process. Proceedings of the ASME 2019 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference IDETC/CIE2019. Anaheim, CA: ASME.

Liu, Y. (2019). Development of Vibration and Control Systems through Student Projects. Proceedings of ASEE SE Section Annual Conference. North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.

Liu, Y., & Knight, A. (2019). Educating Tomorrow Engineering Entrepreneur through Participating NSF I-Corps Program. Proceedings of ASEE SE Section Annual Conference. North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.

Thota, S. K., Cao, T. D., Vahedifard, F., & Ghazanfari, E. (2019). Stability Analysis of an Unsaturated Silty Slope under Nonisothermal Conditions. Geo-Congress 2019. Philadelphia, PA. DOI:10.1061/9780784482124.085. [Abstract]

Boostani, A. F., Mujahid, S., Oppedal, A. L., Krivanec, C., Whittington, W. R., Allison, P. G., Bhattacharyya, J. J., Agnew, S. R., & El Kadiri, H. (2019). Heat Treatment Strategies to Improve the Quasi-Static and Dynamic Performance of Alpha&#8201;+&#8201;Beta Titanium Alloys. TMS 2019 148th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Supplemental Proceedings. San Antonio, TX: Springer, Cham. DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-05861-6_131. [Abstract]

Damirchelli, D., & Bhatia, M. (2019). Solution Approaches and Sensitivity Analysis of Variational Inequalities. AIAA 2019 Scitech Forum. San Diego, CA, Jan 7-11, 2019: AIAA.

Bhatia, M., & Taoudi, L. (2019). Assessment of Stabilized Sensitivity Solution Approach For High-Dimensional Chaotic Systems. AIAA 2019 Scitech Forum. San Diego, CA, Jan 7-11, 2019: AIAA.

Lv, Y., Collins, E. M., Bhushan, S., & Luke, E. (2019). Towards a Robust Discontinuous Galerkin Solver for LES of Multiphysics Flows and Combustion Based on Loci Programming. AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum. San Diego, CA: AIAA. 11. DOI:10.2514/6.2019-2168. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Peer-Reviewed Conference Posters
Zhussupbekov, M., Burgreen, GW, Wu, W. T., & Antaki, J. F. (2019). Multi-scale, Multi-resolution Simulation of Thrombosis in the HVAD. 65th ASAIO Conference. San Francisco, CA.

Orizondo, R., Frankowski, B., Burgreen, GW, & Federspiel, W. (2019). Pittsburgh Paracorporeal Ambulatory Lung. 65th ASAIO Conference. San Francisco, CA.

Non-Refereed Conference Abstracts
Vahedifard, F., Thota, S. K., Cao, T. D., & Ghazanfari, E. (2019). Temperature-Dependent Models for Soil Water Retention Curve and Effective Stress of Unsaturated Soils. Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference. Caltech, CA. [Abstract]

Non-Refereed Conference Papers
Mason, G. L. (2019). Off-Road Military Vehicle Testing and Simulation. The international Converence on Military Technologies. Bruno, Czech Republic: International Devence and Security Technologies Fair 2019. [Abstract] [Document]

Non-Refereed Conference Posters
Cicernis, T., Sescu, A., & Rush, S. (2019). Analysis of the Aerodynamics of Southern Flying Squirrels. MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium. Mississippi State University, MS.

Lang, L., & Sescu, A. (2019). Acoustic Validation of a Martian Atmosphere Rotor. MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium. Mississippi State University, MS.

Professional Presentations
Jelinek, B. (2019). Experimental and Modeling Capabilities for Off-road Mobility at CAVS, Mississippi State University. University of Wisconsin-Madison. [Document Site]

Burgreen, GW (2019). CFD and VAD Design. 65th ASAIO Conference. San Francisco.

Mason, G. L., Priddy, J., Vahedifard, F., & Howard, I. L. (2019). A Digital Database Records for Off-Road Vehicle Environments (DROVE). WG31 Operational Environments at the 87th Symposium at the United States Air Force Academy. Colorada Springs, CO: Military Operations Research Symposium. [Document Site]

Bowman, A., Mun, S., Horstemeyer, M., & Baskes, M. I. (2019). Multi-threading Extension of MEAM Force Field in Molecular Dynamic Simulations. High-Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) User Group Meeting (UGM). Vicksburg, MS: U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). [Abstract]

Martinez, D. M., Brewer, W., Bhushan, S., Burgreen, GW, & Collins, E. M. (2019). Machine Learning in Computational Fluid Dynamics. ERDC UGM. Vicksburg, MS.

Ababtin, S. A., Mun, S., Carino, R.L., Bowman, A., Baskes, M. I., & Horstemeyer, M. (2019). Multiscale Interfacial Characteristics of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) Composites Embedded Within Polyethylene (PE). TMS 2019 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. San Antonio, TX.