Publication Abstract

Use of Simulation Modeling and Analysis to Design New Production Process Facility

McDowell, L., Greenwood, A., & Hill. T. W. (2009). Use of Simulation Modeling and Analysis to Design New Production Process Facility. MAESC 2009 Conference. Memphis, TN.


In order for manufacturing companies to gain competitive advantage, stay competitive, or even survive, they need to develop new products and processes. However, most successful ventures require as much attention on process design as product design. This case study describes how a local company used discrete-event simulation modeling and analysis to help them design the first phase of production for their new manufacturing facility in Mississippi. Local company needed to determine the equipment and personnel required for a lean manufacturing implementation of a new high-technology product line, composite fan blade platforms for jet engines, using newly designed production processes. This project was conducted as the plant was being constructed and as the products and processes were finishing prototype production. One key aspect of the study is the demonstration of the importance of including variability in planning and the significant impact it has on fulfilling production requirements. The model was developed by faculty, students, and staff from the Bagley College of Engineering at Mississippi State University (MSU) in conjunction with the local company’s engineers.