Publication Abstract

Ranked Representation of Vector Fields

Nakshatrala, B., Thompson, D., & Machiraju, R. (2003). Ranked Representation of Vector Fields. In F. Post, G. Neilsen, and G.-P. Bonneau (Eds.), Data Visualization: The State of the Art. New York: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 301-313.


Browsing and visualizing large datasets is often a tedious chore. Locating features, especially in a wavelet transform domain is usually off ered as a possible solution. Wavelet transforms decorrelate data and facilitate progressive access through streaming. The work reported here describes a scheme that allows the user to first visualize regions containing signifi cant features. Various region and coefficient ranking strategies can be incorporated into this approach so that a progressively encoded bitstream can be constructed. We examine four wavelet ranking schemes and demonstrate the usefulness of the feature-based schemes for a 2D oceanographic dataset.