Publication Abstract

Simulation Modeling: Breakthrough Technology for Small and Medium Size Manufacturers

Walden, C., Hill. T. W., Dennis, G., & Sheely, R. A. (2008). Simulation Modeling: Breakthrough Technology for Small and Medium Size Manufacturers. Expanding Manufacturing Growth Potenial. Orlando, FL.: 2008 MEP National Conference .


Due to the pressing need of safeguarding troops in Iraq, a DoD supplier and client of center at CAVS Extension faced a daunting challenge: ramping up from a prototype MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle to full scale production within one year. A team from Mississippi State University’s CAVS Extension responded with a series of projects, which included the leveraged use of rapid simulation modeling to assist the client in meeting this aggressive schedule. The purpose of this session is draw upon these types of practical applications in order to create awareness among MEP practitioners of the power of simulation modeling to enhance performance of small to medium size manufacturing enterprises (SMEs). This session will use an interactive approach to illustrate simulation technology and share insights gained from a broad range of applications across a variety of SMEs (e.g., automotive and ship building). In addition, decision support environments will be presented which puts the power of simulation into the hands of non-technical users.