Publication Abstract

Impact of Generic Strategies on Manufacturing Assessments

Walden, C. (2006). Impact of Generic Strategies on Manufacturing Assessments. CAVS Extension Technical Report.


The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief overview of Michael Porter’s concept of generic strategies and to discuss their impact on the development of an assessment methodology of manufacturing firms. Porter’s seminal publications on business strategy, Competitive Strategy (1980) and Competitive Advantage (1985), advance the theory of generic strategies. These strategies are intended to assist firms with obtaining a sustained competitive position within their industry. The purpose of manufacturing enterprise assessment is to utilize classification schemes, or taxonomies, to develop a set of recommendations which target improved manufacturing performance. The pursuit of improved performance must take into account how the firm intends to position itself competitively. Therefore, an important aspect of the manufacturing assessment is to determine the firm’s strategy and evaluate the strategic fit of the firm’s activities.