Publication Abstract

Dynamic Rendezvous in a Logistics Simulation Model

Holt, R., Greenwood, A., & Hill. T. W. (2012). Dynamic Rendezvous in a Logistics Simulation Model. 4th Annual Transportation Workshop. Starkville, MS.


One need in modeling the operation of logistics systems is to have vehicles that are operating independently rendezvous and fulfill a request for service from one of the vehicles. For example, in a military application a supply vehicle, such as a supply ship, needs to rendezvous with a battle group to perform underway replenishment – supply a battle group as it moves between homeport and theaters or between theaters. The challenge is determining where on the modeling surface the vehicles will meet based on the speed of both vehicles, their distance from each other when the request for supply is made, the direction they are heading, and the possible travel paths. This research utilizes a dynamically generated test bed for comparing multiple approaches to the problem. While concentrating on an approach that allows two objects to rendezvous anywhere along a network path not constrained by the placement of nodes on the path. The research is based on a model developed for the U. S. Navy to assess logistics support for its combat forces.