Aref Yadollahi
Aref Yadollahi
Postdoctoral Associate

Office: CAVS 2160

Research Interest
Additive Manufacturing (AM)
Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
Noise and Vibration

I really enjoy reading philosophy, playing musical instrument, and outdoor activities, especially travelling to explore different cultures.

Selected PublicationsTotal Publications by Aref Yadollahi:  14 
Mahtabi, M. J., Yadollahi, A., Rahmati, M., & Stone, T.W. (2018). Correlation Between Hardness and Loading Transformation Stress of Superelastic NiTi. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer. 1, 1-5. DOI:10.1007/s13369-018-3217-z. [Abstract]

Yadollahi, A., Mahtabi, M. J., Khalili, A., Doude, H., & Newman, J., Jr. (2018). Fatigue-Life Prediction of Additively Manufactured Material: Effects of Surface Roughness, Defect Size and Shape. International Journal of Fatigue. Online, Online.

Yadollahi, A., Mahtabi, M. J., Doude, H., & Newman, J., Jr. (2017). Prediction of Fatigue Lives in Additively Manufactured Alloys Based on the Crack-growth Concept. Solid Freeform Fabrication. Austin, Texas.

Yadollahi, A., & Shamsaei, N. (2017). Additive Manufacturing of Fatigue Resistant Materials: Challenges and Opportunities. International Journal of Fatigue. 98, 14-31.

Mahmoudi, M., Elwany, A., Yadollahi, A., Thompson, S.M., Bian, L., & Shamsaei, N. (2017). Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Characterization of Selective Laser Melted 17-4 PH Stainless Steel. Rapid Prototyping Journal. 23(2), 280-294.