Carrick Williams 

Curriculum Vitae not Provided


Magruder 202

(662) 325-1146


* B.S., Kansas State University, 1995
* M.A., Michigan State University, 1998
* Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2003

Primary teaching Interests

* Cognitive Psychology
* Sensation and Perception
* Visual Cognition
* Statistics and Methods
Research Interest
Eye movements and reading
Visual processing of irrelevant informtion
Object Memory from incidental and intentional viewing
Visual search and eye movements
Scene and face processing
Inhibition in younger and older adults
Selected PublicationsTotal Publications:  6 
Rahman, M., Strawderman, L., Garrison, T. M., Eakin, D. K., & Williams, C. (2017). Work Zone Sign Design for Increased Driver Compliance and Worker Safety. Accident Analysis and Prevention. 106, 67-75. DOI:10.1016/j.aap.2017.05.023.

Williams, C., Carruth, D. W., Garrison, T. M., & McGinley, J. (2013). Investigating the Impact of In-car Communication on Law Enforcement Officer Patrol Performance in an Advanced Driving Simulator, Executive Summary. Washington, DC: National Institute of Justice.

Garrison, T. M., & Williams, C. (2013). Impact of Relevance and Distraction on Driving Performance and Visual Attention in a Simulated Driving Environment. Applied Cognitive Psychology. Wiley-Blackwell. 27(3), 396-405.

Garrison, T. M., Williams, C., & Carruth, D. W. (2012). Sources of Cognitive Load in a Simulated Law Enforcement Patrol Task. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications. Portsmouth, NH: ACM SIGCHI.

Garrison, T. M., Williams, C., Carruth, D. W., Brown, K., & Holbrook, N. (2012). Impact of Dispatch Communication and Display Characteristics on Law Enforcement Patrol Situation Awareness. Officer Safety and Wellness Meeting. Washington, DC: Office of Justice Programs: Bureau of Justice Assistance and Community Oriented Policing Services.