CAVS Faculty Member Named Fellow by Society of Engineering Science

September 16, 2013

Douglas Bammann, a CAVS faculty member and Bagley College of Engineering mechanical engineering professor, is receiving the highest grade of membership from the Society of Engineering Science.

Bammann was recently named a Fellow during the organization's 50th annual technical meeting at Brown University. He is the only member to earn the honor this year. The rank of Fellow is the highest grade of membership available in many professional organizations. It is awarded to members who have made a significant impact to their respective fields. Bammann has held Fellow status in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) since 2008.

Bammann joined Mississippi State University in 2007 as a Billie J. Ball professor in mechanical engineering. Since that time he has served as the vice chair of the ASME applied mechanics division and materials division joint committee on consecutive equations. Prior to coming to Mississippi, Bammann spent more than 25 years as a distinguished member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA. There he distinguished himself as a leader in the field of continuum mechanics, plasticity and the failure of metals. He earned a bachelor's degree in physics at Illinois State University, Normal. He earned master's and doctoral degrees in theoretical and applied mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana.

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