Publication Abstract

Layout Analysis Using Discrete Event Simulation: A Case Study

Holt, R., Simmons, L., Walden, C., Dennis, G., & Hill. T. W. (2009). Layout Analysis Using Discrete Event Simulation: A Case Study. Proceedings of the 2010 Industrial Engineering Research Conference. IERC Annual Conference; Cancun, Mexico.


This work focused on relaying out an assembly line, which is primarily responsible for the assembly and installation of utility truck beds and booms, into an expanded section of the plant. The assembly operations were analyzed and multiple layouts were developed along with other process improvement recommendations to increase line efficiency and throughput (e.g., point of use storage, line balancing, and improved material handling). Simulation models were developed using Flexsim for each layout to determine the most effective option. Multiple staffing scenarios were developed to determine the optimal configuration for maximum throughput. The analysis of the simulation results yielded a two phase layout strategy. The first phase accomplished short term production goals, while the second phase encompasses future equipment purchases to reach long term production objectives.