Publication Abstract

Sinter-Brazing of Carbides to P/M Steel

Myers, N., & German, R. (2004). Sinter-Brazing of Carbides to P/M Steel. Advances in Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials - 2004, Part 8. Princeton, NJ: Metal Powder Industries Federation. 73-82.


This study has investigated sinterbonding of carbide layers to traditional iron-based P/M parts during the sintering process. Materials selection trials led to further study with the Cr3C2-BNi5 system in vacuum, H2 and N2/H2 atmospheres. The coating is created by first applying the carbide with a small amount of braze mixed in, then applying the braze powder on top. During the P/M steel sintering cycle, the braze melts and infiltrates the porosity of the carbide layer, and bonds it to the steel substrate. Spray application and electrophoretic deposition were investigated as potential application methods for this process.