Publication Abstract

Advanced Equations of State in Loci-THRUST

Collins, E. M. (2017). Advanced Equations of State in Loci-THRUST. In N.F. Six, G. Karr (Eds.), NASA/TM--2017-218234. Huntsville, AL: Marshall Space Flight Center.


A new framework for handling advanced equation of state (EoS) models has been developed within the context oof a high-order accurate, modal discontinuous Galerkin (DG) solver known as Loci-THRUST. Design considerations and implementation details are provided as well as preliminary results for verification test cases. A new mixed variable reformulation of the DG solver is also presented in which only the mean values of the conservative variables are advanced in time along with higher-order moments for the primitive variables. In conjunction with the new EoS framework, this approach has the potential to improve the ability of the Loci-THRUST solver to efficiently handle more complex fluid dynamics problems.