Publication Abstract

Green Body Homogeneity Effects on Sintered Tolerances

German, R. (2004). Green Body Homogeneity Effects on Sintered Tolerances. Proceedings PM2004 Powder Metallurgy World Congress (Vienna, Austria) . Shrewsbury, UK: European Powder Metallurgy Association. 5, 475-480.


The link between green body heterogeneity and sintered tolerances is expressed in a generic form. Data from die compaction and injection molding of stainless steel, steel, tungsten carbide, and other materials are examined to find the dominant green mass variation effect. Calculations are used to assess goals for process control, inspection, and computer simulations in light of contemporary dimensional tolerances. The findings show that current dimensional control goals exceed current capabilities. Hence secondary operations will continue to be the best means for holding dimensional scatter in target ranges.