Understanding Ethanol

There are many misconceptions that come with the notion of using alternative fuels in vehicles. Whether that fuel be B20 Bio-diesel, E85 Ethanol, or even hydrogen in hydrogen fuel cells. Since our vehicle will employ the use of E85 Ethanol, we have set out on an initiative that will help mitigate some of the misconceptions that exist about Ethanol specifically.


Quick Facts

  1. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, each gallon of corn ethanol today delivers as much as 2.3 times more energy than is used to produce it.
  2. The use of E85 results in a reduction in greenhouse emissions of nearly 40%, and ozone-forming pollutants significantly. It also reduces exhaust volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions by 12%.
  3. In 2011, the production of nearly 14 billion gallons of ethanol helped support more than 401,000 jobs in all sectors of the economy.
  4. According to a study released by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD), ethanol reduced average wholesale gasoline prices by $1.09 per gallon nationally in 2011.
  5. Ethanol reduced the average American household’s spending on gasoline by more than $1,200 last year, based on average gasoline consumption data.


If you have questions or reservations about using Ethanol in your vehicle, or the use of Ethanol in general, please send us a comment or an e-mail at msuecocar2@gmail.com. We’d be more than happy to discuss Ethanol or any other relevant topic with you!



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