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The past week has been a busy, but exciting week for MSU EcoCAR 2. After making some headway with with mechanical problems we’ve been facing, we compiled a progress report for competition sponsors. As part of the competition, we are required to submit progress reports throughout the year for competition points. With most of our team leadersip out of town, it was exciting to see our team come together to compile these reports while being hundreds of miles apart. Why were they hundreds of miles apart? We’ll get to that shortly.

Welcoming an Honored Guest

Congressman Harper visits with MSU team members.

First, we’d like to give a big thank you to Congressman Gregg Harper for meeting with our team on Friday, April 11. While in town for Super Bulldog Weekend, he made a trip into CAVS to see our car, hear about our progress and show support for the efforts we are making in the EcoCAR 2 competition.

“When we look at what’s important for America, we look at things like commerce, manufacturing or trade issues and how it may impact us in the future…Mississippi State University is certainly setting the standard when it comes to engineering.” –Congressman Gregg Harper

We were able to spend some quality time with him explaining how EcoCAR 2 not only helps explore new opportunities with hybrid vehicles, but also allows us to better the minds of the next generation of engineers. EcoCAR 2 is about more than just a car, it’s about the people who are working together to solve complex problems and build a better future.

Visiting with Congressman Harper was a real treat for our team. We were very encouraged by his enthusiasm, interest and response to our conversation with him.

Watch the news story here:



Team Member Stephen Hayden presents to nearly 500 students.

Being the Honored Guests

Communications Manager Yance Falkner, Stephen Hayden and Kaylie Mitchell spent the early part of Friday in Memphis presenting to almost 500 students of St. George’s Independent School. It is always a joy for our team to reach out to youth and help them understand the impact and importance of EcoCAR 2 and hybrid technologies. The looks of awe when we say we have an estimated 90 MPG are always fun.

After the large presentation, we sat down with an engineering class to have a more personalized talk. We were able to answer questions about how we integrated electical, controls and mechanical teams into one cohesive unit. We were also able to answer some more technical questions about how we make our components communicate and function.

Thanks to St. George’s for a great time.



So why was our team hundreds of miles apart last week?

We had the extreme privilege to be a part of the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) in Dallas, Texas last week. FTF is a conference for embedded engineers. It features a comprehensive array of industry professionals coming together to promote innovation and collaboration.

Learn more about Freescale here:

Electrical Team Leader Hagan Walker presents through live cast to an audience at the Freescale Technology Forum.

Freescale is a competition sponsor responsible for our centerstack project. We have taken control of the radio, air control, gps, and other features with a large touch screen. Rather than have all these controls spread out, they are all centralized in a beautiful, interactive display. It also presents pertinent information like our state of charge and eco-rating. This was all made possible by sponsors like Freescale and Crank Software.

The Mississippi State Malibu was the only car from EcoCAR 2 featured at FTF. Presenting and exhibiting our car to over 2,000 guests was definitely a unique experience. With tech talks, seminars and numerous innovations scattered all around us, we were honored to be a part of such an incredible group of people. Thank you to Freescale and Crank Software for your contributions and support.




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