Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)


The code VPSC code (developed and maintained by R.A. Lebensohn and C.N Tome) is a multipurpose polycrystal plasticity research code, based on the knowledge of the mechanisms of slip and twinning that are active in single crystals of arbitrary symmetry. VPSC can be used to predict the effective stress-strain response, texture evolution, anisotropy, etc., and it is presently used as a predictive tool for metallic and geological material systems, for parameter identification, interpretation of experimental results and multiscale calculations, in academic and industrial applications, etc., by numerous research groups worldwide (Presently, the VPSC code distribution list has more than 120 registered users in Academia, National Laboratories and Industry).

Name ViscoPlastic Self-Consistent (VPSC)
Authors R.A. Lebensohn ( and C.N Tome, LANL
License N/A
Known Problems No documentation availible.