Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)

ICME Overview of Paddlefish Rostrum


Figure 1

Multiscale modeling diagram for Paddlefish Rostrum.

The rostrum, or nose, of the paddlefish is a unique structure composed of a network of cartilage, tissue, and interlocking star-shaped bones called stellate bones. Capturing the behavior of the paddlefish rostrum, requires consideration of the structure-property relations of all the length scales. To accomplish this, the length scales must be linked.

Continuum Scale

  • Downscaling: Information required from macroscale calculations.
    • Interactions between layers, stress response of composite material
  • Upscaling: Formulation of Damage and thermodynamics ISV equations.


  • Downscaling: Information required from mesoscale calculations.
    • Interactions between particles, pores, and matrix material.
  • Upscaling: Information passed to the continuum level.
    • Interactions between material layers, entire rostrum stress response to applied force, effects of geometry.


  • Downscaling: Information required from microscale calculations.
    • Extracellular matrix composition.
  • Upscaling: Information passed to higher levels
    • Macroscale:Composite interaction.
    • Continuum: Damage propogation.


  • Downscaling: Information required from atomistic scale calculations.
  • Upscaling: Information passed to higher levels
    • Mesoscale: Bundle interaction, extracellular matrix composition.
    • Continuum: Hardening, Temperature effects.


  • Downscaling: Information required from electronic scale calculations.
    • Elastic modulus and heat of formation.
  • Upscaling: Information passed to higher levels
    • Microscale: Fiber Interaction, collagen fiber bond strength.
    • Continuum: Bonding, Mobility.

Electronic Scale

  • Downscaling: Information required to start Density Functional Theory.
    • Exchange correlation energy for corresponding homogeneous gas as a function of density.
  • Upscaling: Information passed to higher levels
    • Atomistic Level: Elasticity, Interfacial energy.
    • Continuum: Elastic Modulus.