Manav Bhatia 

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HPC A204

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Manav Bhatia received his PhD in 2007 from the University of Washington, Seattle WA where he worked on the problem of computational design procedures for high-speed flight vehicles. He gained industry experience as a Loads and Dynamics Engineer at Aviation Partners Boeing, Seattle WA, before moving to Virginia Tech as a PostDoctoral Research Associate. He worked as a Research Engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base from Feb 2012 to Aug 2014. Following this, Manav joined the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Mississippi State University as an Assistant Professor. His research interests lie in the development of adaptive computational technologies and their application towards design of engineering systems that exhibit strong multidisciplinary interactions. The nature of his studies has varied from more fundamental, like the development of an adaptive high-order unsteady compressible Euler solvers for fluid-structure interaction, to more applied, such as the design of truss-braced-wing airplanes.
Research Interest
Computational mechanics
High-order, adaptive, finite element analysis
Fluid-structure interaction
Multidisciplinary design optimization
Selected PublicationsTotal Publications:  19 
Lee, J., & Bhatia, M. (2019). Impact of Corrugations on Bifurcation and Thermoelastic Responses of Hat-Stiffened Panels. Journal of Thin-Walled Structures. Elsevier. 140, 209-221.

Damirchelli, D., & Bhatia, M. (2019). Solution Approaches and Sensitivity Analysis of Variational Inequalities. AIAA 2019 Scitech Forum. San Diego, CA, Jan 7-11, 2019: AIAA.

Bhatia, M., & Taoudi, L. (2019). Assessment of Stabilized Sensitivity Solution Approach For High-Dimensional Chaotic Systems. AIAA 2019 Scitech Forum. San Diego, CA, Jan 7-11, 2019: AIAA.

Bhatia, M., & Makhija, D. (2019). Sensitivity Analysis of Time-Averaged Quantities of Chaotic Systems. AIAA Journal. AIAA. 57(5), 2088-2099.

Arsalane, W., & Bhatia, M. (2018). Immersed Boundary Eigenvalue Analysis of Timoshenko Beams and Mindlin Plates. 2018 Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference. Atlanta, GA: AIAA.