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System Testbed for Autonomous Research

For a car to be autonomous, a computer must accurately and reliably control the vehicle, a task normally accomplished by a human driver’s hands and feet. CAVS has developed a proprietary drive-by-wire vehicle platform for developing and testing autonomous vehicle technology. This platform, called the Systems Testbed for Autonomous Research (STAR), provides fully computerized access to all vehicle functions, including steering, throttle, brakes, shifting, cranking, lights, door locks and horn. Steering and speed control are reinforced by a triple-redundant fail-safe system with hardware overrides, which allows a driver or remote operator to revert to stock vehicle controls with any human input. The system also provides real time feedback from all vehicle sensors, and includes multiple configurable power channels for powering sensors and computers. All of these functions are accessible through a CAN-based API.

The STAR platform allows rapid testing of autonomous control system architectures, planning modules, ADAS systems, sensors, fusion blocks, or other algorithms. The vehicle platform is available as a resource for CAVS researchers working on external projects, or as a licensable software/hardware kit.

vehicle STAR platform

The STAR platform includes a wireless server with ability to cast live sensor feeds to an accompanying app, allowing realtime onboard visualization of sensor data.