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Facilities and Equipment

At the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, the additive manufacturing laboratory is well equipped . Unique resources are readily available at MSU/CAVS to ensure research success at an accelerated pace, including uniquely-equipped AM machines, mechanical characterization equipment, full-service machine shops, a high-performance computing network/cluster and more. The Additive Manufacturing Laboratory consists of a Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS®) machine with 1 kW Nd:YAG laser source, as well as a Selective Laser Melting (SLM) machine and a 3D Systems Projet 1000 for rapid prototyping. MSU/CAVS is one of only a few universities in the nation with a LENS-equipped Stratonics ThermaViz® dual pyrometer/infrared thermal imaging and control system. This system allows for the real-time collection of infrared images during LBAM and can be utilized for in-situ monitoring and control of part quality.

CAVS Facilities:
X-Ray CT
Surface Profilometer
Scanning Electron Microscopes
Metallurgical prep area
Brinell, Rockwell, and Vickers hardness testers
Optical microscope
Gleeble 3500 thermomechanical simulator
Mechanical test equipment
Fatigue test stands
Powder flowmeter
Laser particle size distribution analyzer
Renishaw AM 400 Optomec LENS 750 ProJet 1000
Type SLM/Powder Bed Blown Powder SLA Polymer Printer
Laser Power 400 W 1000 W N/A
Build Volume 10”x10”x12” 8”x8”x12”  6.75” x 8” x 7”
Commercial Materials Used Ti-6Al-4V, 316L, IN625 Ti-6Al-4V, IN718, Polymeric resin
Thermal Monitoring no yes N/A