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CAVS has experience designing and testing energy storage systems for a variety of mobile applications, ranging from small, wearable systems to full, long-range electric vehicles. Our history includes:

  • module-level thermal testing full pack design
  • thermal management
  • LV and HV power distribution
  • battery management systems
  • structural analysis
  • venting, for lithium-ion, nickel-metal, and lead-acid chemistries

CAVS has particular expertise in hybrid and electric vehicle battery pack design, including proprietary thermal management technology. We have also developed hybrid multi-chemistry energy storage systems, such as battery-supercapacitor systems. CAVS has characterized, modeled and simulated batteries including both empirical and physics-based models with improved scalability.

One research area is highly-minimized energy storage, which refers to exploring full hybrids with very small electrical energy buffer. This requires accurate predictive modeling of powertrain loads.

CAVS has also developed large-format energy packs up to 90 kWh for electric vehicles. Research includes novel thermal management systems, assembly systems, and structures such as 3D printed cases.

battery battery

CAVS has full design capability for hybrid and electric vehicle battery packs, including multi-platform 3D CAD, finite element analysis, thermal modeling and simulation, electrical power and signal distribution, and controls.