Publication Abstract

Analysis of Inbound Logistics: Prospective Automotive Assembly Sites

Walden, C., Eksioglu, B., Puryear, S., Jin, M., Zhang, L., & Eksioglu, S. (2008). Analysis of Inbound Logistics: Prospective Automotive Assembly Sites. Submitted to Mississippi Department of Transportation.


Transportation planners face a daunting challenge to develop transportation infrastructure in support of automotive supersites. These plans and decisions must occur rapidly once the announcement is made and are based on limited data concerning plant logistics requirements. This project develops a model based methodology which targets to assist transportation planners working in this environment. The methodology uses a newly developed model of automotive assembly site logistics, analysis of historical traffic data, and draws upon previously published traffic congestion and roadway load models. This approach enables the transportation planner to conduct site specific “what if” analysis regarding upgrades to the key highway segments in an around the assembly site based on projected increases in truck and general traffic. Finally, the methodology is illustrated using six previously announced automotive assembly “supersites” within Mississippi (i.e., Kewanee, Wellsprings, Golden Triangle, Durant, Como, and Tunica).