Team Leadership

The MSU EcoCAR2 Group Leaders are led by Team Leader, Lee Sargent. The group consists of both graduate and undergraduate students who work together diligently to provide the team members with leadership that allows them to work more effectively as a team.

Lee Sargent - Team Leader

Lee Sargent is a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering from Jackson, MS. He is a man of many talents. Apart from his work with EcoCAR 2, Lee has also taken a 48-passenger bus and converted it into an RV. When he’s not working on EcoCAR or his own personal projects, Lee heads to the gym to pump iron. Yes, he is a competitive power lifter.



Hagan Walker - Electrical Team Leader


Hagan Walker is a junior Electrical Engineering major from Columbus, MS. Since a young age, Hagan has always enjoyed working on technical projects with hopes that these technical advances will some day help others. He enjoys skydiving, cycling, mountain climbing, and not doing homework. Since starting this year as the Electrical Team Leader for EcoCAR 2, you will most likely find Hagan sleeping under the car with a soldering gun in his hand.

Chris Hoop - Business Manager

Chris Hoop is a junior Accounting major from Brentwood, TN. He recently joined the team and will fulfill the role of Business Manager. When he is not managing the team’s business, he enjoys hunting and fishing.

Ryan Nazaretian - Controls Group Leader

Ryan Nazaretian is a graduate student in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Long Beach, MS. Ryan looks forward to learning new and innovative techniques for modern car technology to gain a competitive advantage in the job market upon graduation. He has an extensive history in a broad spectrum of activities. He was a FIRST Robotics Student in high school, has completed four internships with NASA SSC developing Data Acquisition for test stand facilities, and FIRST Mentor for Controls using LabVIEW.

Matt McGough - Mechanical Team Leader

Matt McGough is a first-year graduate student in Mechanical Engineering from Biloxi, MS. During his undergraduate years, Matt rebuilt salvage motorcycles; this is where he gained much of his knowledge of working on vehicles. He decided to join the EcoCAR 2 team because he wanted a challenging assistantship while in graduate school. He has an entire bedroom in his house dedicated to tools. The room is overflowing. Simply put, Matt has a lot of tools.  He has an extra oven used only for powder coating. When not at CAVS working on EcoCAR, you’ll often find him at The Hunt Club winning games of pool. When he gets done with that, you’ll find him doing some woodwork, playing outdoors, or relaxing with a video game. He is also in competition for The Most Interesting Man in the World. Look out.

Matthew Doude - Faculty Advisor

Matthew Doude is a Mechanical Engineering graduate student and the new Staff Advisor of the MSU EcoCAR team. In the past years, he has served as the team leader and guided them to many of their past successes. His interest in hybrid competitions dates back to involvement in ChallengeX as an undergraduate, and he has participated in three national championship hybrid teams. He is married to Haley Doude, and his hobbies are college sports, tinkering in his shop, and winning.

Yance Falkner - Communications Manager

 Yance Falkner is a senior Communication major from Houston, MS and is also a member of Alumni Delegates. He enjoys a good movie, playing guitar, reading, and dancing in the rain. You’ll often catch him doing a solid Anchorman impression, or quoting lines from another one of his favorite movies.

Stephen Hayden - New Member Coordinator

Stephen Hayden is a sophomore from Gallatin, TN and is starting a new role on the MSU team: New Member Coordinator. He enjoys working on mechanical equipment, reading, and making music. He plans to go into the automotive industry after graduation to help develop cleaner, greener, and safer vehicles for our generation’s future. His hope is to either work for a company already developing vehicles or to start his own alternative fuel automotive company. He is excited to begin this new role!

If you are interested in joining our team here at Mississippi State, these easiest way is to come to one of our Monday night team meetings. We meet in the CAVS seminar room located in the Thad Cochran Research Park. Each week we meet at 5pm on Mondays. Or, if you’d rather, please email us at and let us know you’re interested!

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  1. Dear all,
    My name is Morteza Kiani, and I am a PhD student in CAVS. My PhD research is about weight reduction of car body structure and I did many thing in my research.
    Now, I think I can join you with great information.
    Please recommend me what should I do to join your team.
    With Regards

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