Conducted Events

Year Three

May 30th, 2013– 4-H Group Visits Team at CAVS

June 3rd, 2013– Team visits Camp Seminole for boys (55)

June 4th, 2013– LeaderSTATE JROTC Group Visits Team at CAVS (25)

June 11th, 2013– LeaderSTATE JROTC Group Visits Team at CAVS

June 18th, 2013– LeaderSTATE JROTC Group Visits Team at CAVS

June 25th, 2013– LeaderSTATE JROTC Group Visits Team at CAVS

June 29th, 2013– Team traveled to Jackson to participate in Waterfest

July 9th, 2013– Team was invited to be guest speakers at the Rotary Club of Columbus (30)

July 15th, 2013– Members of the team hosted a CAVS tour

July 17th, 2013– “Quest” group visited the team at CAVS

July 23rd, 2013– Team gave a tour to a potential new MSU engineering student and family

July 30th, 2013– The new Bagley College of Engineering Dean, Dr. Messac visited the team

August 19th, 2013- EcoCAR 2 Recognized at  “The Drill”

August 19th, 2013- Team passed out Frisbee “Flyers” to potential new members at “The Drill”

August 20th, 2013- Team visit to an Electrical Engineering class on campus

August 21st, 2013– Team visit to a Mechanical Engineering class on campus

August 26th, 2013– Frisbee Flyers on the Drill Field

August 27th, 2013– Fall Kick-Off Meeting featuring guest speaker, Dr. Achille Messac (137)

September 5th, 2013- Team booth at New Student Convocation

October 4th, 2013– “Invention Convention” at Madison Crossing elementary school

October 4th- 18th, 2013- Members of the MSU EcoCAR 2 Team mentored BEST Robotics students

October 18th, 2013- Team members volunteered at the 2013 MS BEST Robotics Competition

October 23rd, 2013– Technical school tour of CAVS

October 29th, 2013– Maroon VIP attended CAVS for a tour and learned more about EcoCAR 2

November 4th, 2013– National Merit Finalists visit CAVS to learn more about EcoCAR 2

November 15th, 2013-  Team Hosted Starkville Fire Department

November 15th, 2013– Team spoke to U.S. Senator Thad Cochran’s Staffers about EcoCAR 2

November 20th, 2013– Service Learning Youth Event

November 21st, 2013- Energy Day at Southaven Middle School (500)

December 2, 2013– Starkville Christmas Parade

December 5th, 2013– Governor’s Energy Summit in Jackson, MS

Year Two

May 30th 2012 – 4-H Group Visits Team at CAVS (47)

May 31th 2012 – 4-H Group Visits Team at CAVS (18)

June 11th 2012 – Tom Gideon, Director, NASCAR R&D at CAVS

June 12th 2012 – Bagley Engineering Summer Camp Groups at CAVS (27)

June 13th 2012 – ROTC  leaderSTATE Group Visits Team at CAVS (25)

June 20th 2012 – EcoCAR 2 talk on Southeast Diesel Collaborative Conference Call (June Spotlight Speaker)

June 20th 2012 – leaderSTATE Group Visits Team at CAVS (25)

June 21st 2012 – Louisville CAPPS Student Groups Visits CAVS & EcoCAR 2 Info Sessions (26 & 24)

June 21st 2013 – Chevrolet Malibu Arrived!!

June 22nd 2012 – Lousiville CAPPS Student Groups Visit CAVS & EcoCAR 2 Info Sessions (17 & 28)

June 22nd 2012 – Micah Green, Commercial Dispatch Visits CAVS & Talks to Team

June 27th 2012 – July 1st – Smithsonian Folklife Festival MSU EcoCAR 2 Exhibit (Washington D.C.)

June 29th 2012 – President Keenum Visits the Smithsonian Folklife Festival

July 9th 2012Junior Robotineers Visit CAVS for EcoCAR Learning Session & CAVS Tour

July 12th 2012 – Bagley Summer Engineering Experience Academy Visits Team at CAVS (2 groups)

July 16th 2012 – MSMS  Math & Science Leadership Camp Visits Team at CAVS (20 & 20)

August 1st 2012 – MSU Commercial Video  Shoot (at CAVS)

August 8th 2012 – Attended & Spoke at Southeast Biofuels & Renewable Energy Conference (Jackson, MS)

August 9th 2012 – Prospective Students Visit CAVS w/ Families, EcoCAR Learning Session (9)

August 17 2012 – Prospective Students Visit CAVS w/ Families, EcoCAR Learning Session (8)

August 20th 2012 – First Team Meeting (Current Members)

August 27th 2012 – Year 2 Kick Off Meeting 5 p.m. Carpenter Hall, Room 112 (82)

August 27th 2012 – Snap-On PR Day (special Guest Speakers at Kick Off mtg.)

August 30th 2012 – New Student Convocation 5:30p.m. in the Union Ballroom

 August 31st 2012 – USDA Deputy Under Secretary & Congressman Bennie Thompson’s Staffers Visit Team @ CAVS

September 1st 2012 –  MSU v. Jackson State Game

September 5th 2012 – Team Visits Intro to ME Class (Recruitment)

September 7th 2012 – Volunteered for Starkville Habitat for Humanity | Blake Brown, Team Leader

September 7th 2012 – Congressman Alan Nunnelee’s Staffers Visit the Team at CAVS

September 12th 2012 – Vardaman High School Visits CAVS

September 18th-20th 2012 –  SAE 2012 International Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting (Malmo, Sweden)

September 19th 2012 –  Spoke on Southeast Diesel Collaborative Conference Call (About coming to Petit Le Mans)

October 1st 2012 – Meet w/ New GM Mentor Gary Rushton

October 1st 2012 – MS Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves Visits CAVS for an EcoCAR Info Session & Tour

October 1st 2012 – Team members visit SHS to help mentor for MS Best Robotics Team

October 2nd 2012 – Team members visit SHS to help mentor for MS Best Robotics Team

October 3rd 2012MSMS Groups CAVS/EcoCAR Tours and Info Session (200)

October 8th 2012 – Team members visit SHS to help mentor for MS Best Robotics Team

October 10th 2012 – Team members visit SHS to help mentor for MS Best Robotics Team

October 15th 2012 – Mt. Olive Students visit Team and Tour CAVS (40)

October 16th 2012 – Team members visit SHS to help mentor for MS Best Robotics Team

October 18th 2012 – NAFTC Odyssey Day at MS State Capitol

October 17th – 20th 2012 – Petit LeMans Eco Village at Road Atlanta

October 20th 2012 – MSU President Keenum’s Homecoming Party

October 21st 2012 – CAVS visitors with EcoCAR Info Session

October 26th 2012 – Drill Field Spirit-O-Meter Event

November 25th 2012- Media Training with team leaders

November 27th 2012- MSU EcoCAR featured in the Starkville Christmas Parade

December 3rd 2012- GM Mentor Gary Rushton visits Team Meeting

December 14th 2012- MSU Team visits RCS Elementary School

January 7th- Spring Kick-off Meeting

February 9th 2013-Academic Insight Fair

February 10th-12th 2013- MSU EcoCAR 2 represented at SEC Symposium in Atlanta, GA

February 21st, 2013-Amy Tuck’s Women in Higher Education Conference

March 5th, 2013-IEEE/ACM Meeting with Gary Rushton

April 5th, 2013- DeSoto Honors Society CAVS Field Trip (52 students, 33 adults)

April 6th, 2013- Starkville Birthday Parade

April 13th, 2013- EcoCAR 2 display at Infinity Science Center in Bay St. Louis, MS

April 26th, 2013- ECE students tour CAVS

Year One

August 23rd 2011 – Movin’ Maroon Event

August 23rd 2011 – Fall Recruitment Kick Off Meeting

August 30th 2011 – New Student Convocation

September 12th 2011 – Engineering Classroom Visit (On Campus)

September 13th 2011 – High School Class Visits Team (CAVS)

September 22nd 2011 – Resume Session

October 3rd-6th 2011 – DEER Conference

October 4th 2011 – E-Day

October 20th 2011 – Architecture Selection Meeting

October 28-29th 2011 – MS BEST Robotics

October 31st 2011 – ME Freshmen Seminar Lecture

November 11th 2011 – Invention Day at Madison Elementary

November 12th 2011 – MSU Tailgate (MSU v. Alabama Game)

November 14th 2011 – Class from MSMS Visit Team (CAVS)

November 17th, 2011 – High School Automotive Class Visits Team (CAVS)

December 1st 2011 – Team Visits Sudduth Elementary 2nd graders

December 16th 2011 – Team Visits North Bay Elementary 5th graders

January 1st, 2012 – Spring Kickoff Meeting

January 12th 2012 – Video Shoot Workshop

February 17th 2012 – E-Week Tours Given by Team

February 22nd 2012 – Team Visits Madison County Technology Center

February 28th 2012 – Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) Day at the State Capitol

March 12th-13th 2012 – Gulf Coast Children’s Environmental Fair in Biloxi, MS

March 29th-31st 2012 – ASME Conference in Baton Rouge, LA

March 31st 2012 – Team Hosted Pinewood Derby at CAVS

April 1st 2012 – ASEE Conference at RASPET Center for Flight Sciences

April 3rd 2012 – Team Visits North Bay Elementary for Career Day

April 12th 2012 – Team Visits West Oktibbeha County Elementary 6th graders

April 19th 2012 – Team Visits West Oktibbeha County Elementary 3rd graders

April 21st 2012 – Cotton District Arts Festival

April 24th 2012 – Team Visits Henderson Ward Stewart School for YES Program

May 7th 2012 – Scott Stricklin visited the team (CAVS)

May 10th 2012 – Send Off Celebration

May 17th-24th 2011 – YEAR ONE COMPETITION in Los Angeles, CA



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  1. I really enjoyed seeing you a few weeks ago in Biloxi. My child went to the Magic School Bus event and he really enjoyed what you had to say, so we brought the family the second evening of it. Thanks for traveling down.

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