MSU and Vector CANtech – Speaking the Language

Sponsorship is a huge part of the EcoCAR 2 competition. Sponsors provide the software, hardware, components and knowledge required to effectively implement new technologies into our vehicles.
Vector CANtech is one such sponsor. The CAN (controller area network) technology developed by Vector has been indispensable to the MSU EcoCAR 2 team. It  allows the team to see, in real time, the messages sent throughout the micro-controllers in the car. These data readings help our team identify and solve any mechanical, control or electrical problems our team may encounter.

A Different Language:
Our car speaks a certain language to communicate commands and controls while operating. Understanding and interpreting this language is something our team would not be able to do without Vector. While our car is running, we are recording and documenting the data from our car’s “conversations.” Using Vector, we can understand this data and use it to identify problems, develop solutions, or simply refine operations.

Irreplaceable Value:
Without the diagnostic tools provided by Vector, our team would spend hours debugging problems that are easily solved through Vector’s CAN software. EcoCAR 2 is all about efficiency. That principle applies heavily to the development portion of the competition. Finding solutions quickly and accurately is an important aspect of our process. Vector makes data reading easy, which is not always an easy thing to do.

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