Team Engages Students at Invention Convention

MSU team members traveled to Jackson, MS Friday, October 4th to attend “Invention Convention” at Madison Crossing Elementary School.

Team Member, Trent Workman, Speaking at Invention Convention

MSU’s Communications Manager, Claire Faccini and Controls Group member, Trent Workman, were able to speak to five different fifth grade classes about alternative fuel vehicles, the EcoCAR 2 competition, and MSU’s sustainability efforts. Not only did the team members educate the classes about Year Three of the competition and MSU’s progress, they were able to learn a few things about what fifth grade car buyers would like to see implemented in the future.

The following are some ideas for Year Three from Madison Crossing fifth graders:

“I would want a soda, coffee, and water machine, and a good looking car.”

“A bubble jet pack to have bubbles in the car.”

“A voice that tells jokes to you while you’re driving.”

Some students really thought outside of the box and used their brain to be creative and come up with resourceful ideas that could really appeal to the next few generations of car buyers. Some ideas dealt with safety features but a few stood out. When asked what they would like to see in MSU’s EcoCAR 2 vehicle, students answered:

“A playground.”

“A zoo.”

Madison Crossing Students Design Their Own EcoCAR 2

“A tornado shelter.”

The fifth graders at Madison Crossing put a lot of thought into how to refine the team’s vehicle and make it acceptable for all consumers. “Invention Convention” focuses on new and different ways to make things work while being creative at the same time. The kids were engaged and excited that they could help college student make something better through their inventive ideas and the team was glad to hear from a generation that will one day be in their shoes, working with sustainability. And lastly, the team’s favorite response of the day was:

“So, I’m 11…can I join the MSU EcoCAR 2 team?!”

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