Year Three Workshop: Refining Skills

The MSU EcoCAR 2 team arrived in Natick, MA Wednesday, September 25th for the Year Three Fall Workshop. Nine team members learned about the rules and expectations of the competition as well as received hands-on training.

Students participated in technical instruction sessions as well as hands-on hardware training from competition sponsor, Freescale Semiconductor. Team members learned the basics of controls for the vehicle and project management, as well as more advanced tasks from other competition sponsors such as Siemens, dSPACE, AVL, and General Motors.

The different training sessions offered a variety of information to all of the teams and the MSU business manager, Chris Hoop, found the varying perspectives to be very helpful.

“As a new team member, I was able to really immerse myself in the program at the workshop. The project management training by one of our sponsors, EarthPM, gave me the tools to effectively navigate through Year Three,” he said.

The members were also invited to attend a sponsor social in the The Verve-Crowne Plaza where they were able to meet competition sponsors to discuss potential employment or to ask for advice on the competition. In the past, these socials have always been an integral part of the competition and are extremely helpful in providing students a gateway into the automotive industry.

The team would like to especially thank MathWorks for hosting all 15 teams at their Natick campus and for providing them this excellent opportunity for learning and growing as a team.


Photo credits: EcoCAR 2 Flickr

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