Year Three: Optimizing Attitudes

Year Three is officially underway for the 137 Bulldawgs that attended the 2013 Fall Kick-Off meeting for the Mississippi State EcoCAR 2 Team. Students from 15 different majors expressed their interest in joining the team in their goal to refine and optimize the 2013 Chevy Malibu, donated by General Motors in Year Two. The rapid growth in student involvement this semester is promising to the team, who is already busy preparing for the final competition of EcoCAR 2: Plugging In To the Future.

This summer was relatively calm after placing fifth in the Year Two competition that took place in May. However, things are swiftly gearing up again for the team. Tours, organization fairs, new student events, meetings, school visits, and of course, refining the EcoCAR 2 are all on the to-do list for the immediate months. Fortunate for MSU, there are now over 100 students to aid in this process.

Members of the team will be traveling to Natick, MA for the EcoCAR 2 Fall Workshop on September 25th, hosted by the MathWorks. The students will receive one-on-one training from sponsors and professionals on how to use the different types of software that will be required by the competition. The business and communication students will also receive special help on how to accomplish the tasks set before them by the competition organizers.

The final year of the EcoCAR 2 competition may prove to be the most tedious and difficult year yet. However, with the support of the Mississippi State students and the Starkville community, they are ready to wear maroon proudly and represent the best cowbell-ringing school in the world, through doing what they do best: getting down to business.

To keep up with MSU’s EcoCAR 2 team throughout the Year Three refinement process, follow them on Twitter: @MSStateEcoCAR2 or “like” them on Facebook: Mississippi State EcoCAR 2 Team. 

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