More on Year 2 Finals

More on Year 2 Finals

The EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge competition is all about engineering vehicles.  For that reason, teams have to do more than just show up with a running vehicle.  They have to go before panels of industry experts and explain all the technical aspects of why they made the decisions that they did, and how those decisions were validated.  The presentations given at EcoCAR: Year 2 Competition Finals include:

Vehicle Design Review- A top-level overview of the project, such as a project director would report to his or her superiors.

Mechanical Presentation- Focuses on mechanical design and integration of the vehicle

Electrical Presentation- Focuses on electrical design and integration of the vehicle

Controls Presentation- Presents logic and strategies used in developing the the vehicle’s computer control systems

Static Consumer Acceptability- Demonstrates “creature comforts” incorporated into the design which make the vehicle more marketable

Outreach Presentation- Presents all of the outreach work done throughout the year, in terms of educating and informing the community.