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Name:Robert Sheely
Position:Professional Staff
Email: rsheely@cavs.msstate.edu
Office:CAVS - Extension Canton, MS
Office Phone:(601) 407-2714
Supervisor:Clayton Walden

  • Dennis, G., Puryear, S., & Sheely, R. A. (Sep 2017). Overview: CAVS Extension and 2 Year EDA Grant: "Southeast Mississippi Jobs Accelerator - SMJA". , Infinity Science Center - Pearlington, MS.
  • Walden, C., Sheely, R. A., Greenwood, A., & Martin, B.W. (Aug 2012). Reshoring: Challenges and Opportunties. Reshoring Summit, Starkville, MS: Mississippi State University. [Abstract][Document]
  • Walden, C., Greenwood, A., Sheely, R. A., & Martin, W. (Oct 2011). Reshoring: Enhancing U.S. Global Competitiveness to Reclaim Critical Manufacturing Jobs within Automotive and Furniture Industry Clusters. U.S. Department of Commerce - Economic Development Adminstration, Atlanta, GA.
  • Walden, C., & Sheely, R. A. (Oct 2011). Rehoring: Reclaiming U.S. Manufacturing Global Competitiveness. U.S. Department of Commerce - Economic Development Administration, Washington, DC.
  • Walden, C., Sheely, R. A., Boyce, G., Blankenship, M., Mullins, B., & Range, L. (Oct 2011). Innovative University-Community College Partnership to Enhance Problem Solving Skills within Mississippi Automotive Industry. 2011 Summit, Indianapolis, IN: University Economic Development Association.

  • Total Publications by this Author: 30