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Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS)

We are a world-class technology development center comprised of engineering, research, development and technology transfer teams. Founded in 2002, CAVS is committed to exploring solutions to complex problems, in areas such as autonomous vehicles, materials science, high-performance computing, advanced controls, and human-machine interaction.

Annual Reports

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CAVS Associate Director Shares Expertise about Autonomous Vehicles in Mississippi Business Journal

October 30, 2019 - Driverless vehicles could be the next really big business disruption in the U.S. There are some futuristic projections ...

The Voices of Faculty and Researchers Are Important. Be a part of The Conversation. Sign-up for 'The Conversation' Workshop

October 16, 2019 - The Conversation aims to promote better understanding of the latest research news and breakthroughs, covering social ...

High Performance Computing Collaboratory Powers CAVS-Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems Led Project that Supports the U.S. Army's ERDC Ground Mobility Research in Several Key Areas

October 11, 2019 - Backed by a $3.08 million grant from the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Mississippi State ...

Surrogate Modeling Accelerates Engineering Design Responses

October 8, 2019 - The Institute for Systems Engineering Research (ISER) is working with the Engineer Research Development Center (ERDC) ...

Robohub Chooses Bethel as ‘One of the Top 30 Women in Robotics You need to Know…’

October 8, 2019 - From Mexican immigrant to MIT, from Girl Power in Latin America to robotics entrepreneurs in Africa and India, the ...

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