The Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) at Mississippi State University is an interdisciplinary center comprised of research, engineering design & development, and technology transfer teams for industry and government partners.

Our overall effort is focused on developing superior computational, engineering, manufacturing, design, and information technologies relevant to Mississippi and regional industries. This is accomplished by bringing to bear world-class technologist and technologies to solve complex problems.

The research output provides sustainable regional competitive advantages. To be successful, CAVS maintains a portfolio of short-term and long-term projects to create a succession of increasingly more vital outputs, ranging from students with enhanced project management skills to commercialization of the intellectual products.

The Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems at the HPC2 now serves as the focus for the Bagley College of Engineering’s high performance computing activities that has been a longtime strength of the college. CAVS also is the home of the college’s Computational Engineering graduate degree program. View the Bulletin of the Mississippi State University Graduate School.

Our Vision:

The Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) will be a global leader in interdisciplinary education and research for the development of engineering solutions that expand and enhance the design, technology, production, and infrastructure necessary for sustainable mobility.

Our Mission:

CAVS strives to be a world-class center of excellence for research, technology and education equipped to address engineering challenges facing US mobility industries. Utilizing high performance computational resources and state-of-the-art analytical tools for modeling, simulation, and experimentation, CAVS will provide a distinctive, interdisciplinary environment wherein next-generation engineers and scientists train alongside field experts to investigate, design, and verify novel solutions in materials, propulsion, and design for efficient human and vehicle mobility. Harnessing our broad impact research along with our state, national, and international industrial alliances, CAVS will support economic development and outreach activities throughout the State of Mississippi.

Annual Reports

2011 - 2012

We Ring True: Car of the Future

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